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Summer Goodbye

Autumn must have been deleted from SJZ, as if i can touch the coming winter. My hometown is now burning in the sun while I  suddenly fall into a deep freezing cave. Well, when I get accustomed to the changes, now the wind no longer feels so biting, and somehow I feel like I would love the wind.
I heard the sound of firecrackers far away (sometimes i wonder if it is Spring Festival) as I was walking back to classroom. And I looked up at sky, the sun was trying to cast his glow through the clouds. All of a sudden, I got a tender feeling that I hadn’t felt for years which reminded me of the days when I was a child.

I used to live in the 5th floor of a flat, and there’s a courtyard with some trees planted, and I can see the field surrounded by the buildings through my window. As winter came, I like to see Jack Frost  and open my window to feel the cold breeze. Then a ray of sunshine would paint my days with joy, and rime that ornamented the field with sweet.
You know this feeling could cheer all day.

My mates are traveling or going to travel during the nine-day-long vacation. I really don’t know if i love travelling, and the latest long journey was years ago when i was a child. And all a child thought was just play and make fun of himself.

I’m not going anywhere.

May you all have a good vacation.

2008 - 09 - 27


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